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Seeking Critiques on 3d lighting for Animation

Hey all! I'm working on an animated piece for my demoreel for graduation, and I need some advice on the 3d lighting.
I'm not tremendously great at lighting, so I'd appreciate comments for those who are willing to give them! (Thanks in advance!)

Here's a link to the piece; it has several examples.
I just need to know what works, what can be fixed, what to keep- etc.


Thanks again!


Program used: 3d studio Max
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Cthulhu Inspired Design Sculpture

This is a piece I just finished this morning. I have been working non stop on a lot of concept art for various projects I have going on currently. The piece was sketched and then sculpted in 3D using Zbrush. This piece was inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft. I figured it would be a good study and practice piece. I hope you all enjoy.

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There are a number of posts asking what is good to start learning 3d and what free programs are good. Blender from blender3d.org is basically the top choice, or one of them, First it handles moddeling and animation well, all the normal features and a lot more. Then there is rendering, ray and buffer shadows, many material options, internal texture generation, or uvmapped textures, normal maps, specular and so on. Script support for most file exports and imports.

If you can't open it, it may be a version for another operating system, or your graphics system may not have opengl. (I think there is a workaround for that).